The Best Monuments of Canada


Canada’s Natural wonders attract several tourists each year such as the vast northern tundra, the Rocky Mountains, and Niagara Falls.

While those attractions are definitely must-see items on a, there are also many monuments which are structural marvels and cannot be found at any other place.

  • Chateau Frontenac: Known as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Chateau Frontenac within the walls of Old Quebec is a charming building. The building has more than 600+ rooms which will make you feel as if you are in a historic European city. If you cannot afford to stay in those luxurious rooms, do not worry as you can still enjoy the magnificence of the building with an hour-long guided tour and that at a negligible cost.
  • Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, Ontario: This castle is placed on a stature of land recognized as Burlington Heights. During the war in 1812, the British Army setup a military post at the site. You can explore here more than 40 rooms on three floors and can experience a lavish life.
  • Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario: This canal has a length of about 125 miles. During the winter a part of Rideau Canal becomes the longest ice skating rink in the world. The Skateway is 7.8 kilometers extensive, and starts just near the Parliament Buildings of Canada. The picturesque skating rink widens to Dows Lake, where you can find an outdoor art gallery on the ice.
  • Confederation Bridge: This Bridge links Prince Edward Island with the mainland of Canada via New Brunswick physically. It is 8 miles of engineering achievement and the longest bridge of its kind. If you are planning to visit Prince Edward Island, head to the bridge in the daytime and witness the vast blue water beneath. You can avail cyclist shuttle which runs frequently over the bridge for a small fee.
  • CN Tower: This is one of the tallest free-standing structures in the world, and is a breathtaking sight and a serious aspect of the Toronto skyline. For a complete view of the city and Lake Ontario you can take a glass-walled elevator to the top. The 360 Restaurant at 1,151 feet above the ground is a great place for a meal.

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